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New York City has a reputation for having rats and mice wandering around the streets and we’ve all seen at least one, but seeing one on the street and seeing one in your home are two very different experiences. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to allow pest control to slip their minds until they see that they may have a problem, but as they say, the best offense is a good defense.  


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How to Help Your Pest Control Company

One thing that you can do on your own that will assist not only yourself but will also aid your NYC pest control company would be to make sure all of your food is stored properly, i.e. leftovers in the refrigerator or sugar in a sealed container. These are things that attract rodents because it provides them with an easily accessible food source and taking that away from them will make your home less attractive to them. This also means that cleaning up crumbs and vacuuming where you eat are important steps to take.


Why You Need an Expert

It is popular these days for homeowners in New York City to use DIY pest control and while there are things that can help, the average citizen doesn’t have the knowledge that a trained, licensed, and experienced pest control serviceman has. For example, a professional pest control serviceman knows where the rodents like to hide, what to look for for warning signs, and how to properly protect your home and its specifications. For example, if your home has a kitchen in the basement as well as the main level, both of those will have to be thoroughly examined. Examining a kitchen is a very extensive task and it requires trained eyes.


Different Vulnerabilities for Different Home Types

If you have a New York apartment, townhouse, or detached home, each of these are equally susceptible to an uninvited guest, and not just your in-laws. If you’re living in a detached home or a townhouse that has a yard, a professional pest control company will examine the exterior of your home as well, looking for any holes in the property or other entryways that may be accessible for rodents. Keep in mind that these animals are small and have the ability to fit into small holes and tight spaces so without the training that these men and women have, you may overlook an entryway. Some pets control servicemen will be able to cover up small holes here and there but sometimes there are places that need to be patched up entirely.


Of course, there are some things that invite these pests into your home that you really don’t have control over and that would be the fact that your home would provide shelter from the cold winter or heavy rain. Because of this, having an NYC pest control company come out on a regular basis to treat and inspect your home is a smart idea. Your home will always have something that these animals want and if you only have a pest control company come out when you think about it rather than on a schedule and regular basis, it may not have the same effect and your home could be left vulnerable.


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