Why You Should Consider Additional Pest Control Services Alongside Bed Bug Treatments in New Jersey

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Your home is the place that should be the most comfortable and pleasing for you, but it may not feel that way when you’re living among pests that won’t go away. Consider additional pest control services along with bed bugs treatments to keep your New Jersey home pest-free.


While most common household pests are simply annoyances, sometimes their presence can become a health hazard for you. Fruit flies can be that type of pest. When they land on the food you are preparing and buzz around your head, it may be a simple annoyance. But once they multiply and you can’t seem to get rid of them, you may need professional help.


Ants enter your home in search of food and they leave an invisible trail right to the source once they find it. If you don’t clean up spills and messes when they occur, this can attract ants. Although most ants have their nests outdoors, they are particularly attracted to sweets and grease. Unfortunately, the ants will rarely go away on their own, even if you spray them. 

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Other problematic, persistent pests are mice, which will gnaw their way into your home looking for food. Ultimately, they may find your pantry and its treasure trove of food. Mice can nibble and chew into packages, poorly sealed containers, and bags to locate a food source. And once you have one mouse, you will have others. Bringing diseases and parasites with them, mice can ruin all of your food quickly because once they have found their way inside food packages, all of that food must be thrown away.


Cockroaches like to live in warm cavities in your walls, coming out at night to search for food. They can find food on the counters, dirty dishes left in the sink, and crumbs on the floor. They breed quickly, producing more cockroaches. Many times people can have respiratory problems and allergic reactions from the skin and waste they leave behind.


Wasps can become a terrible problem in the spring and summer when they build their nests near a window or door that has a hole or is left open. Another type of wasp tends to find its way inside through the eaves of your home and can end up in the attic. From there they find their way into the house and can sting you before you even know they are there.

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Termites are attracted to moisture around the foundation of your home. Leaky pipes and mulch that sits beside the base of your home can provide a place for termites to nest. Then, they find their way into the structure of your home to feast on the wood. The damage to your home can be substantial before you even know they are there. 

A Pest-Free Life

Over the past decade, the incidence of bed bugs has increased tremendously. Bed bugs are spreading thanks to the traveling we do for work and for pleasure, so regular treatment for bed bugs is a wise precaution. When you look into treating your home for bed bugs, you may want to look into other treatments or preventive measures as well. Because you want your home to remain a sanctuary for you, keeping it pest-free is essential.