Why Spring Is the Most Efficient Time for Pest Control in Long Island, NY

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Spring brings with it a sense of rejuvenation and joy as nature returns to activity, days get longer, and outside activities progress. The season also provides a short window to get a head start on pest control. Due to the nature of most pests’ life cycles, spring is often viewed as most efficient time for pest control in Long Island, NY

Head Them Off When They’re Weak

As pests awake from the hibernation of winter, they’re few in number. Generally, the populations fall off steeply during the colder months, so the early days of spring are prime for eliminating the sources. This is an opportune time to bring in pest control professionals. Before ants, wasps, or fleas have the opportunity to take over your property, head them off. If you can dispense with the source of insects, rodents, or other pests, you can prevent the populations from surging as the days get warmer. Warmer months are prime time for reproduction, so earlier is better for pest control.

Spring Clean Your Property to Keep Them Away

As spring progresses, insect populations will grow. This is the time when homeowners have the opportunity to get rid of ideal habitats for pests. Identify any areas with standing water; cut down any grass where fleas, ticks, and ants hide; and get rid of any garbage or refuse lying around the property. Warmer weather also brings out signs of rodents, so be sure that pet food, compost piles, and other rodent temptations are tightly sealed. These simple steps will cut down greatly on summertime pests. Since one pest generally follows the other, following the same general guidelines, along with a contract for regular pest control inside and outside of the home, will eliminate any issues you may have with pests on your property.

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Treat Your Pets for Fleas and Ticks

Scheduling spring pest control won’t do any good if you don’t also treat pets with flea and tick preventatives. Your family pets deserve to enjoy the summer without the discomfort and disease caused by these pests. Further, you should do everything possible to avoid the health hazards that accompany the pests as well. With the help of a good flea and tick medication as well as efficient pest control methods, you’ll be able to enjoy your grounds and your pets without the itchies, scratchies, and bothersome illnesses that accompany fleas and ticks.

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Create a Shield for Your Home

Since you know that spring is the time when pests come out to play, plan to protect your home from invasion. With a simple call for pest control services, you can have a shield against any unwelcome pests you spot on your Long Island, NY, property. Professional understanding of the pests in question, the right treatment to deploy for job, and knowledge of how to apply the treatment safely are all keys to successful pest prevention and remediation. Your plan should include interior, exterior, and spot treatment as well as observational systems to establish the presence of any future problems.

As the bugs awake to warmer weather, don’t give them a chance to enjoy your home as their new playhouse. Call in the experts to evict them before they have a chance to set up a home.