Termite Extermination: What Kind of Damage Do Termites Cause?

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You might not realize it, but your home could be invaded by termites, and it may be time to look into termite extermination. Just because you can’t see them does not mean they aren’t there. Termites can cause incredibly expensive damage to homes and buildings. What kind of destruction do they cause, and how can you avoid this costly problem to your Nassau County, NY, home?

Damage to Walls

The walls of a home or building are a favorite spot for termites because of the abundance of wood, their food of choice. Termites do not only attack homes that are constructed of wood, but they can travel through plaster and siding to find the wood that is part of cupboards, floors, and even ceiling supports. Once they eat their way through the existing wood, the structural integrity of a home is compromised.

Termite damage can sometimes smell and look like water damage to walls and floors. Look for bubbling or peeling paint in areas that you wouldn’t expect to have this kind of damage.

Carpet Damage

Underneath the carpet can be an ideal place for termites to lay their eggs, and begin reproducing at an extremely quick pace. They do not eat the carpet, but instead use it as a breeding ground.

Structural Damage

Some types of termites forage in the soil and under the ground for food. Often, they live in the ground and connect their nests to wood through the use of mud tunnels. By the time the tunnels have been discovered, they can have already eaten through to the inside of the wood, leaving an essentially hollow shell. Any wood that is on porches, decks, steps, or patios is fair game for a termite infestation.

Identifying Termite Damage

A flashlight is necessary to inspect the areas that are below or close to the ground, or in basements and crawl spaces. Using a screwdriver or knife, scrape away a small section of wood to see if it is hollowed out at any point. Look for mud tubes and piles of wings. Examine window sills for termite activity. A professional inspection could confirm your suspicions—or help you to see areas that you overlooked.

Preventing Termites

Prevention can pay huge dividends in keeping your home or building free of termites. Remove any wood piled up under the porch or deck. Never leave a tree stump near the foundation. Always dig it up at the roots and remove it far away from the home. Fill any cracks near windows, doors, and in basements to prevent termites from entering. Ensure that your storm drains are clear, and do not leave excessive moisture at the base of the foundation. Keep plants away from the base of the house to allow for proper ventilation.

Call on a Professional

Termites can cause a large amount of damage before you know you have them. Bring yourself and your family peace of mind by protecting your home against termites. Biotech Termite & Pest Control offers family- and pet-friendly termite extermination. Termites don’t stand a chance against our Advance Termite Bait System, which causes no landscape disruption or invasive drilling. The system eliminates the entire colony or colonies attacking your home, a much more effective solution than liquid chemical treatments that only address parts of a colony.

If you or looking for a termite exterminator in Brooklyn or any other part of the tri-state area, don’t hesitate to contact Biotech today.