Top 3 Termite Extermination Methods

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When termites invade your home or rental property in Suffolk County, NY, they can cause irreversible damage. The seemingly insatiable hunger of these pests can tear through homes at a rapid rate, destroying structures if left unchecked. That’s why calling in a professional pest control expert is necessary. Here are the top three termite extermination methods your expert may suggest:

Wood Treatments Work

Termites love wood, and they will chomp through as much of it as they can. This is good for them, but terrible for your Suffolk County property. Professional termite exterminators may suggest various methods of eradicating the pests. Injected sprays and foams are high on the list, as are surface sprays, where usable. Borate wood treatments, however, not only destroy termite nests, but they are an effective prevention method for future infestations. When termites ingest borates, their metabolic pathways are disrupted, which leads to eventual death. As borates are a deadly enemy of termites, and other pests,  but are perfectly safe for humans and animals, these provide a safe way to eradicate your infestation. Your pest control expert will be able to suggest and apply the right borate wood preservative for your situation, as there are those that are used to treat interior building products, including rafters, plywood and studs, while others are used to treat engineered wood composites, and solid wood.

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Liquid Chemical Treatments

The two major categories of termite eradication methods are baits and liquids. For years, pest control professionals have been using liquid termiticides to destroy termite nests and repel termites. The idea behind this type of treatment is that a barrier of the chemical is formed as it is applied to soil, which is supposed to keep termites from being able to gain entry and start the steady process of property destruction. Unfortunately, while this method has been effective, it’s also had its share of total coverage failure. That’s because termites can enter from numerous entry points, and as all they need is an untreated gap no bigger than a pencil’s lead, finding those gaps is not been impossible. This approach can, therefore, be an effective supplement to other termite control and prevention methods, but is not necessarily a cure-all solution.

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Subterranean Ease

You might not be aware of what to look for when it comes to termite infestation, and your pest control exterminator can help with that. Tell-tale signs include termite swarmers, often thought to be “flying ants.” These termites can be seen coming from wood piles, tree stumps, and other termite eateries in your yard or around your property, or even from your foundation’s base, or patio. Another clear sign are trails of mud tubes that you’ll see running up walls, floor joists, and other prime structural real estate. While the former might not mean that you’re yet faced with a termite infestation, their mere presence should get you on the phone with the exterminator. After an initial inspection, professionals might opt to first monitor the property. If it is determined that the property is indeed termite-infested, there are some steps that can be taken.

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At Biotech Termite & Pest Control, our preference is to use bait. Our favorite? Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS). The reason we recommend this termite eradication method, is that unlike liquid chemical treatments, which may require drilling into the foundation and landscape upheaval, we don’t have to install even one of these bait terminals inside your house. In addition, you can be sure that the quick and consistent action as ATBS spreads through colonies like clockwork, leaves no termite untouched.