Pricing Guide: How Much is Termite Treatment in NYC?

Pricing Guide: How Much is Termite Treatment in NYC?

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A full-blown inspection typically costs between $200 and $300 for a small apartment or single-family home with just one floor. An average two-bedroom apartment that sits atop two floors adds about $25-$50 more. It takes longer to do the inspections.

For infestations that require treatments, you are looking at anywhere from $2,000 to upwards of $5,000. This depends on the scope of work.

Treatment Cost of Your Property

The average cost of termite treatment in NYC is $1,500. That excludes costs to fix or treat the area where the infestation originally occurred.

Termite Treatment Time Frame

Typically, standard inspections of your property will become done within two days. Inspections of properties that are more complex may take one week or longer.

Treatment of Your Property

This varies depending on how severe the infestation is. Minor infestations seek general treatment that can last anywhere from a month to three months on average. Severe treatments may range from six to twelve months. Keep in mind that some companies offer guaranteed results while others do not. Have certainty of what you are getting for your funds.

How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the severity of the infestation. You can expect termite treatment in NYC to reach $1,500 on average.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your termite treatment may have partial or full coverage from your insurance policy depending on the type. This typically depends on how long ago the treatment occurred. Most policies do not cover minor treatments that last seven to ten days unless it was just a few days ago.

There is no coverage problem with your insurance company when you have homeowner’s insurance in NYC. This is for full-scale infestations that require total removal of affected woodwork. That is how you get a termite infestation. You can expect to pay for this treatment among other needed supplies and labor out-of-pocket.

Treatment Type Cost Estimator

Below are four types of termite treatments that you can consider and the estimated costs:

Bait treatment

Local pest professionals apply bait systems for a price range of $1,500 to $3,000. They have a reputable image to get rid of termites for up to four years without any use of chemicals. A lab from the University of California found that termites in the USA declined in number over 24 years. Exposure to pesticides got fewer than before.  

Termite baiting is a newer and more effective way to get rid of termites! They can use tiny amounts of bait that insects will eat. These will lead them all back into their nest where you can spray chemicals on what remains. Take other measures against it as necessary. This can include tearing up any damaged materials to make sure no eggs survive there.

Chemical treatment

Treating your home with chemicals for termites will cost you about $1,800 to $3,200. This can ensure that the infestation will eliminate your termites. You can choose a general treatment or a more specialized approach based on the severity of the infestation and the size of your property.

General treatments will get rid of all types of termites like subterranean and drywood for up to one year. It usually takes two days on average to do this. Since some companies offer guaranteed results while others do not, it is important to know the estimated period you will get for your money.

Specific treatments for carpenter ants and dampwood termites can take one week or longer. These are more intense than general treatments. But they require less supervision on average. You may need to go back once or twice to have the technicians check how everything is coming along.

Custom treatments are more complex procedures that can cost up to $4,000 on average. These will include things like opening walls and using special equipment during the process. Your problem is larger than usual or involves some added factors before they can take this approach.

Fumigation tenting

Fumigation is a treatment that you choose when you have a serious infestation. Professional services do this by setting up a tent over the entire area for four days on average. It will cost an estimated $3,500 to $5,000. You may want to take this approach when your house has been affected recently. Another reason is when you have some valuable items in the area.

Expert fumigation will use chemicals that are not available to homeowners to get rid of termites. Professionals follow strict guidelines on how to handle it. You can choose this method when your infestation is far beyond what you expected or shows signs of being wet. It is also suitable when you have a lot of valuable items and want to make sure they get preserved during treatment.

Heat tenting

This is another more common approach that professional pest companies use. It can cost $4,200 to $5,700 on average. They will use heat up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for days on end. This kills everything in its path and creates a clean and instant result with a guarantee!

Exterminators treat your home with elevated temperatures to kill termites and stop any future infestation. They can do this because the heat kills not just the present population but also their eggs. It is a more effective way to treat your house. They can prevent future problems as well as get rid of an existing one.

Factors That Affect Cost

It is your chance to learn more about four factors that can play a role in your estimated termite treatment cost in NYC. Here they are:


Factors that affect how much it will cost to treat termites in your house including how large it is and how many rooms you have. Smaller homes can more quickly and easily reach all infested areas of their property. So there is less of a chance for bugs to escape. They also do not require as much time for the experts to assess how many termites are in your home.

Your home’s square footage is the basis for how much it costs to treat termites in NYC. Additional considerations with how big it includes are how many floors you have, how far high each floor is, how big the yard is around your house when you have a basement, and how many rooms it has.

The type of foundation also affects how much a termite treatment costs in NYC. The less likely you are to have a crawl space, the more expensive it is to treat your home for termites.

Damage Repairs

The amount a company charges for termite treatment in NYC depends on how damaged your home is. Professional service bases it on the number of necessary repairs before they can begin their duty. For example, holes in walls or floors for plugging up before the process starts will cost more to treat as well as any other damage you need for repair.

How much it costs to treat termites in NYC also depends on how big the damage is and how extensive it is. A broken wall or board that requires replacement can add up to how much your service charges.

Inspection (Bed Bug Dog)

Another cost that can go into how to treat termites in NYC is the inspection. This step helps you learn how extensive the damage is and how much it will cost for your service to handle. The experts do this by using trained bed bug dogs at identifying signs of any infestation whether they are termites or another pest.

Usually, how much it costs to treat termites in NYC includes how much the service charges for the inspection. They have training especially to know how to identify signs of an infestation.

Type of Termite

The last factor in how much it costs to treat termites in NYC depends on how advanced the infestation is. More mature nests or colonies take more time and effort to clear out. They also have a larger population of bugs. This takes longer, which means you will pay more money.

Professionals use faster methods for how much it costs to treat termites in NYC! They are more expensive, but they also require less time. This makes them useful for how quickly you need the bugs dead and gone!

Prevention and Method Costs

Know about two types of costs associated with treating termites entering your home or business. Below is a guide:

Termite Bond Costs

How long you need the treatment for is inclusive to know the estimated cost. The bond goes into how many years your service will guarantee your home to become free of pests.

Do not worry about how much it costs to treat termites in NYC because of how big or small the bond is. Professionals only set how long it needs to protect you. This way, it is easier for them when they come back. Termites return as a sign that your treatment ended before the time limit. You will become accountable for that fee.

Pre-construction Protection

Construction is the leading cause of how much it costs to treat termites in NYC. This includes the number of homes and buildings that need constant repairs. A service will help prevent termites in NYC by building a barrier around your property’s foundation.

The professionals use a chemical mixture that creates a strong barrier. However, how much it costs to treat termites in NYC depends on how far your property is from any other homes or buildings.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional Termite Exterminator

You can buy the chemicals yourself and do the duty with personal effort. That is when the cost to treat termites in NYC is beyond the budget. Just make sure you know how harmful those chemicals are before applying them around your home or business.

The professionals keep their mixtures safe to use. They do not need any training. But they have all the proper equipment on how to protect your property from termites.

Know how much it costs to treat termites in NYC with how many bugs swim deep in your home or business. The professionals come out faster than you can tell how many have entered. They know how to get rid of the problem before it even becomes worse! Their knowledge is enough about how these bugs operate and how they can stop them from coming back!

Termite Treatment FAQs

What can I expect after termite treatment?

You can expect how quickly the infestation ends after knowing how much it costs to treat termites in NYC. Professionals aim to let you know how long their treatment lasts. They will come back when you still see signs of these bugs living around your property.

How long does it take to kill termites after treatment?

How long it takes to kill termites in NYC depends on how deep the infestation goes. The professionals work faster than you can tell how many bugs crawl on your property! They ensure a quick end to this problem!

What happens if it rains after termite treatment?

How much it costs to treat termites in NYC also depends on how long the infestation lasts. This is before you noticed the number of bugs swimming deep inside your property. It can take long before killing them all when it rains after treatment.

The truth is, the rain will not affect the strength of a pest control treatment. But it can also become beneficial and necessary for activating some types. Most times applications near exterior home foundations will need thorough coverage due to their proximity. However, cracks or gaps in structure will not affect potency at all. You just want plenty applied where pests like living.

Termites are becoming more of an issue in the USA! They can get difficult to get rid of without hiring a professional pest control company. Some companies offer guarantees while others only give estimates for how long their results will last.

You can choose how much you want to spend on a termite treatment in NYC. Decide how you will do it based on the options available to you.