Preparing Your Apartment for the Bed Bug Exterminator in Manhattan, NY

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Get rid of your bed bug problem once and for all. The call you make to the bed bug exterminator is the first step—and a big one. Once treatment is applied, you will be able to relax knowing that the problem will soon be gone. In the meantime, you can prepare your Manhattan, NY, for the visit by the bed bug exterminator to ensure the visit will be as effective as possible and that the bed bugs will quickly find an end to their unwelcome habitation.

Consider Any Clutter

Bed bugs are certainly a nuisance, but quality bed bug exterminators do what they can to ensure that the process of getting the insects out of your life is not a disruptive process. In fact, some exterminators will do the packing for you—you do not have to pack up all your stuff in plastic bags and hope to keep the bugs out before the extermination begins. In fact, the exterminator will do the unpacking as well. Clothing and any items in your closets can remain in there, and items can remain in your drawers—the bed bug exterminator will pack everything and bag them, and then unpack it all at the end of the treatment.

You may want to view this time as an opportunity to go through your things and clear any clutter if necessary so that your apartment is as enjoyable as possible after treatment.

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Keep Furniture Where It Is

Modern bed bug treatments do not require a call to movers in addition to a call to the bed bug exterminator. You do not have to worry about hauling your recliner or couch to some offsite treatment place to get treated for bed bugs. Your furniture will be included in the treatment process and will be ready for use after the exterminators leave. Our treatment includes the cleaning of all bed bugs and viable eggs from your belongings, including your furniture. Another reason to leave your furniture—the exterminators may want to see any residue or evidence of where the bed bugs have been spending their time.

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Keep Busy

Biotech Termite & Pest Control provides a quick turnaround, from the moment you call us to the time we take to prepare your home and get rid of the bugs. We provide white-glove treatment to prepare your belongings for treatment. Understandably, some apartment residents feel a need to prepare in their own way, sometimes simply to do something as they wait for treatment. You could vacuum and clean up if you feel it would help, keeping in mind you wouldn’t want to cross-contaminate rooms that you’ve already cleaned if you can help it.


With a one-year warranty, Biotech customers can rest assured that their residence is 100% bed bug free after treatment—or Biotech will return, at no extra charge, to make it so. You may hear of stories of people having to pack up and buy new furniture in the midst of a bed bug treatment because of the fear of spreading the problem. That is not necessary when you call Biotech—our treatment technology kills the bugs without spreading them. Since our non-repellent chemicals and industrial-strength steam are safe and highly effective, the need for preparation on your part is very minimal. You can focus on getting your home back—right after the bed bug exterminator leaves.