How to Get Rid of Mice in Queens, NY

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As a homeowner, the last thing you want is rodents in your Queens, NY, bringing what feels germs and disease into your home. Getting rid of these mice can be a top priority and here are some ways to remove them from your living spaces.

Habits of Mice

At about one to two inches long, mice are relatively small rodents but they can still cause quite a bit of damage to your home and well-being. They will eat almost anything with their main feeding times at dusk and right before dawn but, in reality, they will eat whenever they can find food. Sometimes they are active in the day but more often you will hear them scratching inside of the walls at night. They will gnaw on boxes and paper to use the small pieces for their nests and they can squeeze through an opening of about one-quarter inch. 

Signs of Mice: Mice leave droppings wherever they go and you can see them even though they are tiny. They can emit a musky odor and frequently make their nests within your walls, scratching and moving about at night. You will see when they have gnawed on paper, boxes, and cardboard.

Reproduction of Mice: After mating, the baby mice are born around 20 days later and a female mouse can have many litters in a year. Their usual life space is around 10-12 months, meaning that mice can breed quickly, making it difficult to eliminate all mice. 


Best Removal Methods

While having an infestation of mice can make you feel like you have done something wrong, the truth is that mice can invade any home at any time in their search for food and nesting. Here are the best removal methods. 

Seal All Cracks: Because mice can enter through the smallest holes and cracks, sealing those can remove points of entry. This includes around vents, pipes, and all foundation cracks. Check windows and doors to see if there are cracks there that need to be filled, as well.

Seal Food: Since mice will eat most any food, don’t leave food out on counters or in cupboards. Seal foods tightly in airtight plastic containers, especially foods such as cereal, crackers, and chips. Keep all grains in metal or glass or plastic containers to keep them safe from the nibbling of mice. 

Dispose of Garbage: Regularly remove the garbage from your home and place in a sealed trashcan outside. Leaving garbage bags lying on the floor can be a sure fire way for mice to enter in their search for food. Wipe down your counters with a disinfectant after meals. 


Enlist a Professional

Because most homeowners don’t have the tools or means to really search out the mice and all the points of entry, enlisting a professional mice exterminator in Queens, NY can be a smart move. Acting quickly to have the problem investigated can lead to a speedy solution that gets your life back on track. 


When you want proven and guaranteed solutions for your Queens, NY, home, look for Biotech Termite & Pest Control trained specialists with over 25 years of mice removal experience. Their technicians can seal off points of entry, locate and eliminate rodents and their nests, and educate you on best practices for preventing re-infestation to set your mind at ease.