7 Facts About Bed Bugs

7 Facts About Bed Bugs

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Most of these species prefer to bite you instead of other animals. But there are some exceptions. The common bed bug that you can identify as Cimex lectularius stays warm by basking in your body heat. These creatures cannot jump or fly. But they can crawl very fast over floors, walls, and ceilings!

A typical bed bug lives for six months to a year. Females lay one to five eggs per day throughout their lifetime. That is up to 500 eggs! You may find blood spots on your sheets when there is an infestation. 

They Live Anywhere

Bed bugs can live anywhere where there is a food source because they are parasites. They usually stay close to their host and wait for them at night. They do not need blood every day. But they may only partake of it every week or two.

The common bed bug prefers living in your mattress or nearby furniture. This is especially near your head because it is easy to eat from that spot. It makes sense since you sleep right by your headboard.

But you can also see this species many times living in sofas, box springs, and even lamps. These bugs are not picky about where they live as long as there is an available host.

You can find them around the world except for Antarctica. Know how cold it gets in that country. So the bed bugs cannot survive there. You can also find them in temperate regions of Asia and Africa.

They are not called “bed bugs” for nothing. These pests love to come out at night when you are sleeping. That is why most people get bit on the face or hands where blood is closer to the surface of your skin. Once their saliva enters your body, you might start itching immediately.

Found in 50 States in The US

You can find bed bugs in all 50 US states. They are especially prevalent in warmer climates where people live closely together inside buildings. People bring these pests into their homes on their clothes and luggage. Sometimes, it is on a piece of furniture or right out of another infested home. You do not need to travel outside of your state to get them either.

They Like Your Bedroom Best

Bed bugs like to come out and play at night when you sleep. That is why they love bedrooms best because that is when everyone is sleeping! It will become easy since they hide away from light when you go hunting for them during the day. They crawl around looking for places to hide during the day since they cannot fly or jump.

Can Live for Several Months Without a Bloodmeal

These bugs can go for several months without eating. Just imagine how many kids in your neighborhood can survive without a meal! But they can live this way as necessary since they do not need it every day.

They eat the most when they are young and growing quickly! Eating stops when they become adults because their meals give them enough nutrition to survive. Your blood does not provide much energy in any case. It also takes a lot of work to digest it.

They Bite Anyway

Since the bed bug does not need to eat every day, it can still bite you. Researchers found out that you should stay asleep when possible. They prefer eating from a moving host. Once the blood flows faster, you will become less likely to feel it as much as when you are standing or sitting.

Bed Bugs are Elusive and Smart

Bed bugs are difficult to find. The adults hide during the day and come out at night to feed on your blood. They do not like light. Managing to catch them in the act or see an adult is because they got careless. So it is best just to check your bedding every day for clues of their presence. Remember that no matter how much you itch, these creatures cannot transmit diseases through their bites.

They Prefer Blood Type O

These hardy parasites prefer the type O blood over all others. Expect more bites than others with different blood types. Researchers think that this is because people with type O blood contain proteins that attract them easily!

Bed Bugs Saliva Has Anesthetic Component

A lot of people do not even feel a bed bug bite. That is because the saliva from this pest has anesthetic components to make it easier for them to eat your blood! But this does not mean you will not feel a thing. You can still end up with painful welts. It also takes several hours before you start itching.

Bed bugs are sneaky little pests, and it turns out they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve! One such trick is utilizing proteins in their saliva to numb the pain associated with biting you yet keeping you asleep. Other things in these creatures spit open blood vessels for steady flow. This is when feeding time comes around.

Ingest Blood 7 Times Their Weight

These nymphs can ingest seven times their weight in blood! So it is understandable that they need 7-10 minutes to fully engorge themselves. This is before returning to their hiding spot for up to two hours. Researchers think that bed bugs can starve for up to one year without showing any signs of illness. But you should remember that these pests do not hibernate during this time, either.

Contact the best pest control company in your area right away with a concern about having bed bugs in your home or business! These creatures have already made thousands of homes into breeding grounds worldwide. You cannot afford to become one of them when you want peace of mind at night.

Resist Pesticides

Bed bugs cannot hurt by using diatomaceous earth when you are against using pesticides. It consists of the tiny skeletal remains of marine phytoplankton. This compound can irritate their skin and dehydrate them until they die.

The effectiveness of this product will depend on where you live. It will work better in more humid areas. Prepare baking soda or salt paste when you want to try some other solutions. These bugs will dehydrate and die when you treat them with these ingredients.

A new study discovered that bed bugs continue to thrive in some cases even after being treated with a Pyrethroid insecticide. This finding suggests the need for more research on alternative methods of control. Include the use of organic pesticides instead of going back through older strategies.

Examples are vacuuming up all surrounding debris from mattresses and furniture into bags before bringing them inside one at a time. Remove them properly during subsequent cleanings.

Bed Bug Lifestyle

Bed bugs will relocate during the day to find new victims. They only return to their hiding spot once they are fully engorged with your blood. This is why it is important for you to frequently check your bedding for clues of these pests even when you cannot see them.

Seven facts about bed bugs include information on how much this pest has made its home. This is in homes like yours or nearby, how these insects work, and what people should expect when seeking relief from bites and discomfort associated with them.

Bed Bug Bites

One of the seven facts about bed bugs includes details on what to expect when you have a bed bug infestation. Bug bites can get painful and unsightly. People respond differently to these itchy sensations. But reactions range from a slight stinging sensation to intense burning or welting!

This is why it is best to treat bites immediately after they occur. Apply antihistamines, ice packs, hydrocortisone creams, calamine lotions, and baking soda paste directly on the affected area for relief from itching.

Do not allow them to get worse by scratching at them since you want immediate results! This will only make your condition more uncomfortable.

Treating Bed Bug Infestation

You can treat bed bug infestations by:

Remove clutter like books, boxes, and even clothes from the affected area to see whether they still show up. Vacuum these items before returning them to your home or business. Empty vacuum bags into a plastic bag and seal them. This is before disposing of them immediately in an outdoor container.

Throw away any mattresses, box springs, and other furniture that cannot have treatment with hot water and dryer heat for 30 minutes. This is to kill all life stages of bed bugs hiding inside these items. This is why you should turn your washer on its highest setting and machine-dry these items according to the manufacturer.

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These bugs can feed on you and your family at all hours without much notice. It will not leave until they have their fill. You cannot wait around for these bugs to grow into adulthood before removing them. Do not let any bed bug bite ruin your life any more than it already has.

You are just seven facts away from finding out how treating bed bug infestations works! This is with the right items, cleaning methods, chemicals, and tools that a reputable bed bug exterminator has.