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In looking for a Holbrook pest control & termite exterminator, you are on the right page! We remove pests like ants, bed bugs, mice, and more.

Our trusted pest control services assure you that these distracting creatures will prevent serious damage to your home or business. You do not have to suffer the damage that pests such as termites and rodents cause. Our pest control team removes all types of ants, roaches, mice, and more. You can get rid of them fast!

The termite inspection to turn your homes free of pests starts with regular inspections through a qualified pest control specialist like us. We must inspect any spot where wood touches wood. That is where most infestations begin.

Pest Control Services We Offer

We offer a termite treatment for our pest control to prevent any future infestation. If you have termites, your home will likely become irreparable in a short amount of time without professional help. Many types of termites can destroy the thickest foundations in a matter of days without immediate treatment.

Pests such as roaches and rodents can also cause serious damage to your business or home when left untreated for too long. Know about our services below:

Bedbug Dog Inspection

The training process for dogs to search out illegal items can get rigorous. This task requires the animal’s natural skills as well. It begins with an initial lesson on how not to react when faced with a new situation.

Progress shows in several weeks of learning “normal” behavior from both owner and pet. We move on to hands-off inspection where a handler enters the stage left alone. The dog can detect anything unusual in bumping along the ground level surface areas such as behind furniture.

Bed Bug Control

It is important to understand the bed bug’s habits, biology, and behavior to come up with effective control measures. A good grasp on these three components will make it easier to sustain knowledge building (inspection, detection observance) that leads up until post-treatment evaluation procedures. This is after eliminating or reducing an infestation.

The time of action begins by acquiring knowledge about pests like how they behave biologically. This includes understanding what attracts them so you can identify places where this may happen again. We know their preferred feeding sites which can help you prevent them from coming back.

Termite Control and Treatment

All termite types tend to infiltrate both residential and commercial spaces. We get rid of them fast by warning our clients in Holbrook about their potential dangers to your home or business. Not only do we remove the current infestation, but we also provide you with recommendations on treatment and prevention methods. 

We got 10 tips for you on how to protect your property from the invasion of termites:

·      Eliminate or reduce moisture in and around your home. Termites thrive in leaking faucets, water pipes, and exterior AC units.

·      Repairs rotted roof shingles with fascia soffits

·      Routine inspection of foundation for signs of mud tubes

·      Replace weather stripping

·      Divert downspouts away from your home

·      Secure all trash cans with locks

·      Clean up food scraps on routine

·      Tighten knots

·      Clean inside cabinets

·      Maintain regular yard work like edging beds, mowing grass, and cutting trails

Ant Control

It is our pest control team’s responsibility to ensure that your home is safe from these destructive creatures. Our services in Holbrook include controlling ants, roaches, and termites. Ants can appear anywhere as they build nests in homes and businesses near food sources. That is why it is important to know where they like to travel.

Ants also do not like habitats that are dry or too humid. We do everything it takes to keep your home ant-free. Sealing all potential entry points keeps pests out forever.

Cockroach/Roach Control

Cockroaches are not just pests that bring dirt into your home. They also carry diseases. We advised residents on how to eliminate these creatures in the past. But it is only recently where medical experts discovered more about their harmful effects. Did you know that the cockroach has developed a specific gene mutation that increases its chance of survival by three times?

We offer effective methods for controlling them indoors and outdoors. As soon as we identify the location of your infestation, our team can begin treatment right away! Every street in Holbrook will have treatment to ensure a result free from all types of roaches including German or American ones. You can expect a chemical-free pest control service.

Rodent Control

Our pest control team will search for potential entry points before applying rodent extermination treatment on Holbrook properties. When handling rodent pests, we prioritize safety by using 100% organic products. This is also for those who have children and pets at home. We never use chemicals that can cause health problems such as respiratory ailments, allergies, headaches, and nausea.

Cryonite Freezing

Cryonite pest control is a natural way for pest elimination. It freezes pests to death by penetrating their protective layer to prevent further movement. We freeze pests into solid form in just 15 seconds without the need for dangerous chemicals. This method is also safe enough where your pets and children can roam around while the treatment is ongoing.

High Heat Steam

Our team in Holbrook NY has introduced the safest way to sanitize your home of bedbugs, roaches, and ticks. This method involves the use of heated steam at a temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This process enables us to eliminate these pests even in their hard-to-reach places like under carpets and behind cabinets. Your home will have chemical treatment that is safe for pregnant women, kids, pets, or seniors.

Why Choose BioTech for Extermination in Holbrook?

We commit to delivering the best service for your Holbrook home free from pests. Customer support is 24/7 so you can reach us any time if there are questions or concerns about pest control. That is why our clientele continues to trust us for fast pest control & termite exterminator services in Long Island.

Our expertise includes an extensive knowledge base that guarantees the complete extermination of any type of pest infestation. Feel free to consult us.

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