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Pests and termites are some of the most destructive pests that you can have in your home. These include ants, roaches, and mice that can destroy an environment without proper attention. Roaches and ants not only carry disease, but also ruin flooring, baseboard, countertops, cabinets, and more.

Termites, on the other hand, will eat away at your foundation. So it is very important to treat pest infestation before it happens. BioTech Pest & Termite Control has been providing Pest Exterminator Services in Astoria, NY for nearly 30 years.

Pest Control Services We Offer

We can offer you several services. You do not have to deal with these pests again. Take a look at what you can get:

Bedbug Dog Inspection

Bed bugs are tiny and vicious pests that reproduce quickly. You can spot their telltale signs in your home – especially if you have a dog with a keen sense of smell. We have the tools to help protect against these pesky critters. We utilize our detection dogs in tandem with human efforts for extra vigilance in looking out for bed bug activity.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are typically in hiding during the day. So it is difficult to spot them. Look for tiny rust-colored stains they leave behind on:

·Mattress tags and seams

·Ceilings – particularly near light fixtures or windowsills with overhanging drapery fabric.

·Under seat cushions where most people place their phones while sitting at kitchen counters

These are great hideaways when you need some extra space that no one will think about looking there.

Termite Control and Treatment

Termiticides are pesticides capable of controlling and treating these pests. With proper registration, you have an assurance of structural protection. Seek our professional termite control and treatment to do this properly. Treatments with approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are:

·Application of termiticides

·Putting termiticides in building materials

·Termite baits

·Wood treatments

Use a physical barrier as an effective way to keep termites out like steel mesh and sands with particular sizes. Biological control agents like nematodes and fungi also show some promise through trained professionals like us. These methods do not necessarily involve using insecticides. In this regard, EPA does not regulate them yet.

Ant Control

Ant populations are fairly easy to control because they invade homes for food and water. Treat areas where ants can hide like the kitchen, bathroom sink area, outdoor storage areas, and around appliances that provide access to food. We offer ant control services that include:

·Chemical applications of insecticides

·Habitat modification by applying outdoor insecticide baits at possible entry points

·Using ant bait indoors

·Sealing cracks and crevices to prevent new infestations from entering your home

Cockroach/Roach Control

Cockroaches do not just cause allergies. We can recognize several species of these jungle-dwellers that invade homes because of food and water. For example, we can spot German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and Brown-banded cockroaches.

Chemical applications are the first line of action. These include surface sprays and crack injection which creates a wall between areas where they hide and in the interior of your home. We can also apply bait to these insects’ hiding places if necessary.

Rodent Control

We can find rodents like mice and rats in basements and crawl spaces. Control for these pests is by:

Put Entrance Barrier

Keep rats and mice out of your home. They must not have a way in through any cracks or crevices. Check for these openings before closing up. Block access points once done sealing everything up with cement.

Mallis Handbook on Pest Control recommends exterior-grade sealants as well when possible. Check with us about the best options at different times during construction. Some materials may need special care before applying them.

Minimal Exterior Access

Tree branches touching your home’s exterior are a perfect place for mice and rats to nest. To keep them at bay, trim any trees that touch the outside of your property. They can not provide an access point into your house or store their wastes underneath it in hidden nests. Cut back weeds as much as possible without cutting down on vegetation altogether. This helps prevent ground surface insulation which can increase the temperature inside the home in warm weather and lead them to infestation.

Cryonite Freezing

Cryonite is a kind of ice that kills roaches and other insects on contact. We can use it in the following areas:

·Hardwood floors near the possible entry point to homes

·Kitchen cabinets and other places where these animals can hide undetected for a long time

The ice also temporarily blocks off access into your home without putting chemicals and poisons inside.

To see if termite control or treatment is necessary, we advise you to look for signs like termites in wood, dirt tubes through foundation walls, wings shed by insects indoors, and swarming. We use professional-grade termite baits or insect growth regulator (IGR) which does not kill.

High Heat Steam

This service kills bugs by penetrating their waxy outer shell. It packs a punch as it heats up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and can eliminate pests in cracks and crevices.

We also offer safe solutions for pest control since we use natural and chemical-free methods. Watch our professional service team wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as necessary. These include:

·Safety boots



·Rubber gloves


·Hard hat with face shield or safety glasses with side shields

·Earplugs or muffs

·Respirator or mask

Why Choose BioTech for Extermination in Astoria?

Expert Pest & Termite Control in Astoria technicians identify the type of pest or infestation that you have. We can handle all sizes of pests whether they hide inside homes, outside in the grass, shrubs, and trees surrounding your property, basements, and crawl spaces. Pests may escalate from a single entry point into an invasion without stopping them as soon as possible.

We offer safe solutions by using chemical-free methods including organic compounds to eliminate ants, roaches, bed bugs, wasps, bees, mole crickets, and spiders as well. Our Pest & Termite Control in Astoria team uses EPA-registered products that do not harm your pets or children. Treatments also do not leave behind any residues that can harm humans, wildlife, and our environment. Call us today and say goodbye to pest problems at home right away!

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Our one year warranty states that if you’re not 100% Bed Bug Free we will return as many times as it take for NO EXTRA CHARGE. We can offer you the extraordinary warranty because our methodology is well proven fast, effective and people safe.

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