Cryonite Freezing



Freezing is a cryopreservation technique that professionals use to preserve an object’s biological integrity for a long period. But the freezing process can damage biological samples. In cryonics, the usage of cryonite is to quickly freeze cryopreserved pests!

In cryogenic storage, cryoprotectants are additions to the solution. These surround a biological sample before freezing to reduce ice formation and cell dehydration. These chemicals can penetrate cells through various mechanisms such as osmosis or diffusion. However, they also have toxic effects on cells at high concentrations.

The days of fumigation are over! Today’s high-tech heating units do not release toxic fumes, chemicals, or change the environment. They harness the power of thermal energy which liberates when certain chemicals switch from solid to the gas state.

This is with heating well above normal temperatures. It allows them not only to kill termites inside structures. But also eliminates future infestation by preventing the hatching and emergence of subsequent generations.

Why and When We Recommend Treating with Cryonite?

Cryonite is a cryoprotectant-free cryopreservation technology. We freeze biomaterials at cryogenic temperatures without using cryoprotective agents like glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

Our cryonics only uses the nanoparticles of carbon dioxide (CO2). We freeze the CO2 particles first before inducing vitrification upon cooling to cryogenic temperature. Afterward, we put the Cryonized biomaterials in liquid nitrogen.

This is a new process of freezing bed bugs that professionals developed with the help of natural refrigerants and carbon dioxide gas. The extreme cooling properties allow for an instant kill and do not harm you or animal health in any way.

Cryonite is a state-of-the-art bed bug treatment that utilizes frozen carbon dioxide to exterminate full colonies of annoying bugs. Dry ice, when converted into solid form can become an effective way for killing these pests!

Process and Method

The cryonite freezing process is very simple. Prepare for it in the room where you find the cryopreserved biomaterials. Cryopowders can damage equipment during transportation.

First, turn off all machinery and equipment in the cryonics storage room to avoid any unnecessary risk of damages.

Second, make sure that all necessary tools like gloves, goggles, tubing for evacuating carbon dioxide gas, cryopowder-free cryopowder, and other items are available. Without these things ready yet, do not proceed.

Contact suppliers instead to get what you need promptly! You can also find alternate methods for your frozen biomaterials.

Afterward, evacuate carbon dioxide cryopowder from canisters. Use cryoneers to get the cryopowder out of containers. Ensure that you are wearing protective gear including goggles, masks, or respirators before doing this next step.

Finally, place cryonics in a liquid nitrogen tank at -196°Celsius. Once cryonized, put biomaterials inside cryogenic storage tanks. Keep them safe for a long time with negligible damage.

What Cryonite Can Do

Preserve biomaterials after cryonics. Freezing these materials destroys their organic components and can thus damage cells. Certain cryoprotectants prevent cryopreservation damage by binding to water molecules. But cryoprotectant toxicity occurs when you use high concentrations or for extended periods.

This is why cryonesis is the better way to go instead. It only uses frozen nanoparticles that do not harm cells at any concentration levels.

You can keep cryopreserved biomaterials indefinitely without cryoprotective chemicals. Credits to our exclusive CO2 treatment method.

The cryonics team claims that cryonite has a mechanical effect on cryopreserved biomaterials. This means it freezes tissues to protect during cryopreservation procedures.

Freezing tissue with the use of cryonite also reduces cryopreservation damage. This is by keeping tissues at low temperatures for a short period. The team believes that cryonized biomaterials appear viable when thawed without any cryoprotectants or special chemistry.

Advantages of Using Cryonite Freezing

Take advantage of cryonite freezing to eliminate pests in your home or business. Here are three positive effects:

No mess

One thing about Cryonite is that it eliminates bed bugs without making a mess. The treatment uses dry ice to kill nasty insects or creepy crawlies. These are quickly dispatched with no chance for them to get their murderous claws on you!

This process of extermination happens so fast as compared to other methods like pesticides and chemical pesticides. There is very little risk involved in using it around your home.

Furthermore, we can use it on delicate areas including motors, pipes, and electric outlets with ease. Include other places where there is an issue between pests and potential damage on appliances. We are grateful for its non-leaching properties.


Cryonite is effective in eliminating bed bugs at any time of day or night! You can apply it during the day when you are awake. It is also suitable around evening time when you are ready to rest for the day.

It is important to apply cryonite during times when there are no people around. Cryopowders do not stick to surfaces or fabrics where they can easily redistribute later on with unintended consequences.

When it comes to pest control, the quicker you can get rid of pests in your home or business, the better. That is why we recommend using an all-natural solution like this one. Our rapid process will eliminate bugs and their eggs while they are still larvae. There is no need for chemicals that are potentially harmful with improper use.

Can Eliminate Bed Bugs in Cracks and Gaps

Eliminate bed bugs in your house by applying cryonite cryopowder directly into cracks, crevices, and tight spaces. The latter includes electrical sockets, door and window joints including casings, and baseboards.

You can also apply cryonite around the entire perimeter of your home. Make sure you get rid of any pest hiding away from plain sight. Include furniture materials such as wooden beds, cabinets, footstools, and chairs. Also treat the remaining parts of the room such as walls, floors, ceilings, or roofing material.

Cryonite is also suitable for your business, particularly where people rest or relax. This includes inside chairs and couches where bed bugs love to hide. You can equally use cryonite cryopowder on structures like:

  • walls
  • doors
  • windows
  • skirting boards
  • ceilings
  • beams
  • furniture

Make sure you apply cryonite cryopowder after proper surface preparation. Put it for pest control around food processing areas like dough mixers or bakery ovens. Make sure you prepare adequately with appropriate procedures before application.

Why Choose Biotech Termite and Pest Control for Cryonite Treatment?

Here are some reasons to choose the cryonite freezing treatment that Biotech Termite and Pest Control offers:

We will do it for you professionally, so it is risk-free. Our team uses cryonite cryopowder responsibly during the entire process of eliminating pests in your home or business.

We use verified methodologies for cryonite freezing application with proper safety precautions. Protect people around treated areas like your family members, friends, neighbors, and pets.



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