How to Eliminate Carpenter Ants with Pest Control in Suffolk County, NY

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Carpenter ants have a name that immediately makes you think of hard work—it can be incredibly difficult for homeowners in Suffolk, County, NY, to get rid of these hardworking pests without professional pest control. If carpenter ants have become busy every day destroying the cosmetic appearance of your property or rental, stop being held hostage by these miniature wood decimators. Find out what to look for and the best ways to eliminate or keep them at bay using professional pest control services.

Brief Background

Chances are you’ve seen carpenter ants around your home and didn’t even know they can be damaging. Worker ants are about 1/4 inch long, while the queen is 3/4 inch in length, and they are black or can be red and black. They get really busy during February and March, and when you start seeing them get into a groove, the infestation (or nest) is likely in your home.

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The good news is that if these ants are spotted during the summer months, they probably haven’t migrated indoors yet and they’re just visiting. In that case, if you haven’t gotten experts on this problem already, it’s a great time to start pest control prevention efforts.

Get Rid of Them Fast

You might think a few ants here or there is no problem, but there are good reasons to call in pest control experts in the early days to get rid of them fast. Though a colony is founded by a single fertilized queen, she can spawn hundreds. Your Suffolk County, NY, home provides the a perfect location for gathering all the food needed to feed the next generation of larvae. Though it could take three to six years to reach their pinnacle, these colonies can end up increasing up to 2,000 or more workers.

It’s not just about one colony. Consider this: When the maximum colony size is reached, queens will begin to spawn as will males. This means you can end up with multiple colonies in your space. And they are likely to cause noticeable damage when they multiple in large numbers. While carpenter ants aren’t interested in the taste of wood, they will hollow it out to create their nests, and the cosmetic damage will be telling over time.

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What Your Pest Control Expert Will Do

Pest control experts like Biotech Termite & Pest Control don’t waste time when it comes to dealing with a carpenter ant problem. We offer a people-friendly and environmentally-safe approach that will see effective results. Our licensed and well-trained pest control operators offer expert advice and solutions, and execute in a timely and professional manner.

Among the things we check for when determining the extent of a carpenter ant infestation is areas where these pests like to build their nests. These include window sills, wood that’s in contact with soil, porch pillars, and roofs. After determining the extent of the infestation, we are then able to proceed with elimination efforts so that your property remains carpenter ant free.