How Do You Get Rid of Roaches During Winter?

How Do You Get Rid of Roaches During Winter

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Tips to Prevent Cockroaches This Winter

Enlighten yourself with eight tips on how to discourage cockroaches from entering your home or business in the winter. Here they are:

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Cockroaches get inside your house through crevices on the walls. They hide in dark spaces. So, seal these cracks with caulk or putty to get rid of cockroaches in winter.

Their reproduction in the wild is difficult and dangerous. For example, large outdoor cockroaches breed prolifically. That is when they find themselves with an abundance of food and shelter. Notice one or two small ones scurrying around your house near their nests as a potential sign. There could appear hundreds more inside!

The ideal conditions for these pests are moist places like kitchens since moisture helps them thrive. Avoid dry areas where infestation would cause more harm than good over time. Contraction from drying out of skin cells because of decreased humidity levels among other things occurs. It leads to crispy roaches caught between cracks on window panes.

Check your home for cockroaches, especially when you live or work in an apartment with shared walls. Adult roaches can fit into cracks as small as 1/16 of an inch. They prefer spaces about 3 millimeters wider than their bodies estimated at 7⁄8 length. Dark places where there is food debris such as crumbs from cooking are where they stay. But they will migrate when given enough space.

Seal Windows and Door Frames

Cockroaches enter your house through small cracks and crevices in windows and door frames. Caulk or putty fill them as well. Get rid of roaches in winter and seal them up this way. But there is a very high chance that they will return to your home.

The cockroaches’ life cycle is all about breeding. They get past every obstacle to make it inside your house or apartment for shelter from cold weather outside. These insects can live without food for as long as a month. Do not underestimate their ingenuity!

A small crack or crevice in your home’s door and window frames means to caulk them. It prevents any insects from escaping! Apply long-lasting insecticide dust around these areas afterward. Roaches cannot get inside of them again. Expect only one bug forestation. Try spraying an exterior coating every 60 to 90 days when it does not work. Likewise, make sure to eliminate all potential harborages on the outside by following some other methods as well.

Avoid Leaving Dirty Dishes

Roaches get inside your house through dirty dishes and other kitchen surfaces. They get in via cracks and crevices along with window and door frames. But they get their food source from your dish rack, countertops, sink, or garbage disposal. So keep clean dishes after every meal.

Do not keep dirty dishes for a long time to get rid of roaches in winter. The fewer food crumbs or dishes to go around, the less likely for an infestation. Wash them immediately after use!

So you want to leave your dishes for the night? Never do it! You might become surprised by what a roach can get into. This attracts more of them and there is also an increased risk that they will chew through one of those plates. They can also steal food from yours.

The top two reasons why dirty dishes are bad:

  • It is an invitation for the roaches to go to the sink.
  • This makes these pests thirsty which means more people in your home can have diseases.

Empty Garbage Cans

Food crumbs get stuck inside the bottom of your garbage cans. Roaches get in when you do not take out the trash often enough to get rid of them in winter. Make sure to empty the trash every night before bedtime. Full garbage cans attract cockroaches with their food source! You can get rid of these pests by taking out the trash.

They are dangerous for disease transmission when left with old rotting food for too long. It is similar to dirty dishes except there is no dishwasher to sanitize them. An infestation will occur in a time when you leave it sitting around in your kitchen all day or more than you would normally expect. This is besides contaminating the environment.

Keep your trash can tightly closed at night. Roaches will come out looking for food when they appear in the morning!

Avoid Leaving Pet Food Overnight

Leaving pet food out overnight attracts roaches! They get inside of your house through the same cracks and crevices along with window and door frames. But they get their food source from water or dried out sources like pet food on the floor.

Pet food can consist of stale bread that lures cockroaches looking for a quick meal! They get into your house when you do not seal windows and door frames well enough. Pets see more roaches around which means you get another infestation point.

So clean up after yourself at night when you feed your cat or dog dry food before bedtime. Keep it sealed instead so fewer opportunities for roaches exist. Otherwise, get rid of them in winter by calling a professional exterminator. They can eliminate these pests for good!

Properly Store Foods

Do not store food in your cabinets or pantries. Keep them tightly closed and get rid of any cockroaches that enter inside first! You can minimize them by sealing off the riskiest places for an infestation.

Food storage is a big problem as it attracts roaches from other areas outside! These pests get inside through gaps around doors and windows as well as holes in walls behind them. They get to it when you do not take out the garbage soon after eating or leave dirty dishes overnight. Roach populations thrive on these sources!

So get rid of roaches in winter by storing all foods in airtight and clean containers. Keep them away from the kitchen and dining room area. Follow this tip and expect few when any around.

Clean All Floors and Counters

Note that ammonia will kill roaches within minutes! You just spray it directly onto every single one of their eggs for treatment effectiveness. A goal is to clean up any potential infestation before they become an issue at all. The recommended method should work well enough.

Signs or evidence can suspect a pest problem like recently noticed dead bugs. Try using an overnight approach by mixing one part of water with two parts of cooking oil. Apply generously on surfaces where pests may hide out like kitchen cupboards and corners.

The best time to get rid of roaches in winter is before they get inside! Cleaning is a must when it comes to keeping your home free of these pests. Vacuum all the surfaces around, including inside cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms where roach eggs can hide out from you.

A professional service will make sure that everything they come across has been cleaned properly with soap and water. It is hot enough to kill any unwanted bugs living on them!

Throw Out Uneaten Food

Get rid of roaches in the winter. Take out the trash regularly. Do not leave it around overnight or you get an infestation early the next morning. Allow no green growth inside your garbage pails to prevent these pests. Otherwise, they will get into contact with it while searching for food. Plus, throw out any uneaten leftovers from dinner or lunch. Keep things clean at all times when dealing with this pest type.

The easiest way to avoid getting roaches is by throwing out any opened, damaged, or unsealed food with suspected contamination from their droppings. Use a disinfectant spray and wipe down surfaces.

Sanitize your home from these annoying pests. Throw away everything they have eaten so far. You will need the refrigerator space for your leftovers tonight. This is after completing all this cleaning.

Recommended Approach For Winter Roach Infestations

Get rid of roaches in winter by calling a professional exterminator. They can eliminate them the best! But the following method should also work properly.

How do you get rid of roaches? You need to start with an examination. Start using special devices like glue boards that help detect how many are inside without seeing them. More than 10 deadly roaches on these traps mean to seek professional pest control treatment immediately! Resolve your problem right away when the scenario becomes this bad.

Dispose of any dead or live specimens carefully with contact-killing sprays. Repeat this process every two weeks until there are no longer any signs around your yard or house. Eliminating cockroaches does not have to become this hard or time-consuming.

Homeowners and pest control professionals alike use an integrated pest management approach that incorporates both chemical treatments with traps. This is to effectively reduce roach populations. The most reliable method of decreasing these annoying roaches is through a combination of efforts.

Do Cockroaches Like The Cold?

Get rid of roaches In the winter by contacting a pest control company when you catch evidence of them. Treatments are most effective when performed year-round in every season. These pests tend to hibernate during this time out of food sources and protection from extreme cold or heat.

Be careful with any pesticides used in the winter. They might become effective, but it is unlikely they will get rid of the entire roaches in your home. Plus, they cannot stop them from coming back at a later time! The cold temperature does not get rid of cockroaches. It just makes them come inside during this season because their food sources disappear outdoors!

Get rid of roaches in winter with the help of a pest control service. They return inside later with warmer weather and food sources coming back. This will result in a large population that could lack control again and become even worse than before.

Do Cockroaches Die In Winter?

Get rid of roaches in the winter by having home treatment. It is not enough, though. You need to kill these pests off whether dead or alive! Using this approach can control cockroaches inside.

These pests do not hibernate during the winter season. They will stay outside and try to enter your home during this time because it is not freezing. Living inside your house is to get out of the cold.

These roaches get lost in the winter and their surroundings confuse them. It could get harder for them to find water or food sources. So they might become weaker without either one. Plus, colder temperatures steal away their energy! This makes it harder for you to get rid of live roaches in the winter.

Which Cockroaches Can Be Winter Pests?

Gain insights on four types of cockroaches that you can see in the winter. Below is a guide:

American cockroaches

They are the most common type of invading your home and properties. This is because they can handle cold weather very well. These roaches go outside and look for food sources like garbage or pet food. Return inside warm houses to stay when they get hungry. This is even when these pests prefer warmer temperatures.

The American cockroach is a well-known pest in many parts of the world. You can find it anywhere from kitchens to sewer systems. In certain regions, derogatory names like waterbug or ship roach are also how to identify it. These pests do not always need water to survive.

But this term technically refers only to those species that live solely off moisture near riversides. They feed on the dead animal matter in these places which becomes trapped upon reaching dry land again. This is during tides when there is no natural rainfall occurring after bathing with seawater.

German cockroaches

They get inside buildings and homes through sewer systems. Entering your home from outside through cracks, crevices, and other openings is their ability. These roaches get into food preparation areas such as kitchens or washrooms of restaurants.

The German cockroach is a very common household pest found in many regions all over the world. This pest prefers food that is high in starch, sugar, grease, or protein. It feeds on pet food and the waste of other animals as well. They get inside your home through large crevices.

German cockroaches show a preference for warm and humid places. You can usually find them in residential kitchens, restaurants, or bars where serving food occurs. But they can also move to other areas of your house when you eat there too much.

Oriental cockroaches 

They get in your home with tools used for construction, insulation materials, and wooden crates. Since they live outdoors their entire lives, these cockroaches endure freezing temperatures very well compared to others.

These roaches get inside homes at certain times of the year. You can find them during the spring or summer months. Plus, you might notice them at other times such as autumn and winter. They get into your home through cracks, crevices, and holes in the foundation near exterior walls.

You will see them during the summer and spring seasons most often. Oriental cockroaches hold onto moisture within their bodies for survival. They get them from leaking plumbing, condensation around windows, or clogged drains.

The Brown-Banded Cockroach

You will get this type of cockroach when American, Oriental, or German ones infest. This is because they get inside your home by using contaminated materials.

This pest does not get into buildings or homes very often. You can find them in large numbers near garbage containers while foraging. Brown-banded cockroaches get inside your home through similar means to German types. See them in pantries, cabinets, and other food storage areas of your house.

These pests get into residential kitchens on dry goods like sugar, pasta, cereal, or flour which you store there. They may get into these products when they come out of the packaging. It is through bags, boxes, and other packaging materials that they enter your home.

Cockroach Control Solutions

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A lot of other companies try to keep things under one roof which can cause inconvenience. They do not know exactly where or how deep into an issue you might need help.

Do not just guess about whether these roaches exist as many of you wind up doing. The team has at least 30 years of experience diagnosing any kind of cockroach infestation.

Prevent a cockroach infestation this winter by following this guide. Dealing with them at present though means seeking the best professional pest control removal service immediately!