Avoid Stings and Bites in the Summer with Effective Mosquito Control in Queens, NY

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When most people think of summer, they imagine perfect sunshine, cocktails near the pool and lots of time outdoors. Add swollen eyelids and itchy skin to the picture, and we’re back to reality. Summer fun makes this season a favorite for most people. So it can be quite frustrating when your days are spoiled because of stings and bites. This can be especially concerning for households with small children and people who are severely allergic. This year, say goodbye to the DIY mosquito treatments and receive effective mosquito control for your Queens, NY, home. 

Rely on Professional Help

Effective mosquito treatments exclude candles, body lotions, creams, and plug-ins. Not only do these methods not work, but putting mosquitos repellent on your skin every single day may not be practical for sensitive skin. Furthermore, mosquito repellents only give you protection for a couple of hours and need to be washed off with soap and water. Mosquito protection should not limited to specific hours of the day. And since the chemicals in mosquito repellent can inflame the tissues of the eyes, nose or lips, they are not the safest way to protect kids from mosquito bites. The biggest issue with these methods is that they don’t tackle the core of the problem. 

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Professional mosquito control is the most effective way to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property. The experts at Biotech Pest Control have the knowledge and experience needed to deal with mosquito infestation. We have been dealing with this concern for years and know how to find the specific cause of the problem and effective measures for its eradication. High-quality equipment and safe-to-use insecticides also play a role in mosquito treatments that won’t damage flora and fauna in your backyard.

Eliminate Mosquito Infestation

There may be mosquito breeding sites on your property that you are not aware of, as mosquitoes can thrive in the smallest amount of stagnant water in your backyard. Once discovered, it can be tempting to go to your local store and buy some pesticides that are supposed to solve the problem. However, pesticides don’t eliminate the source of the problem, only mitigate it. A professional exterminator will not only discover the cause of the issue, but find a proper way to target it. They have the right equipment and skill-set to evaluate the issue and determine the right amount and frequency of application necessary. These pesticides won’t hurt the environment, but will be effective enough to eliminate the source of the problem. Before hiring a company, be sure to check how safe their services are.

Step-by Step-Process

Effective mosquito control is a step-by-step process that requires repetition and patience. A less visible side of mosquito infestation is their hidden, underwater larvae that need to be eliminated. The average maturing process for mosquitos from eggs is ten days. If not entirely removed, a mosquito infestation will be active in your yard within a couple weeks. That is why a mosquito treatment is effective for approximately a month to 45 days and requires re-treatment to prevent new infestations. 

You don’t have to limit the time you spend outdoors to certain times of the day, or spray repellents on your skin every five hours. Contact a professional exterminator today, have your property inspected, and enjoy peaceful summer evenings on your patio.