6 things pest control companies do to keep your children safe when they treat your home in the Bronx, NY

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Children are our number one priorities. With that being said, their safety is always the top concern of homeowners and property owners alike when it comes to pest control treatments. Although pest control companies offer ways to protect your loved ones from harm, it is important to also remember the harm that leaving pests behind can create for children as well. At some point, it is going to be necessary to treat for pests – whether it is for preventative measures or because there is on-going pest activity. Here are some things that pest control companies do to keep your children and pets safe when treating your Bronx home.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

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The first phase is detection. Monitoring and identifying the pest is important to all aspects of IPM. This is the foundation to ensuring you are on target for success.

The second phase is to focus on areas of prevention. Developing ways to prevent exposure to infestations and pest contamination. For example, many pests, such as mice, can be treated using preventative measures such as blocking entrances. Other pest preventative measures are removing food and water sources and keeping a clean and sanitized area. Or, checking travel bags and second hand furnishings prior to bringing them into your home.

The third phase to determine the most effective approach to treating the problem starting with the least risky treatment options.

Pesticide/Chemical Free Approaches

Pest control companies are now offering innovative breakthrough treatment options that avoid the use of harmful chemical compounds and pesticides. New technology has proven to be as effective as chemicals for treating certain pests. For example, extreme heat and cold applications are options used to treat for bed bugs. It has been proven that with as little as 30 seconds of extreme heat and freezing temperature exposure, a bed bug will die. This has been a game changer in the war against bed bugs.

Bait Stations

Pest control companies also offer bait traps that lure certain pests in. Once in, the pest is poisoned, or will carry the poison to their nests at which time they all meet their fate. Bait traps are common for treatment in termites and ants, as well as, mice and small rodents. As scary as that sounds, the bait stations are lockable and unable to be accessed by pets or children.


Traps are devices used to trap the pest once caught in lieu of baiting them and sending them back out to their nests. This keeps the pest stationary until detected and disposed of. This also prevents any potential spread of poisons.

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Deterring pests is another technique that works well for certain pests– especially in conjunction with other treatment methods. Repellants – contrary to traps and baits – repel insects from entering your home, helping prevent the need for indoor treatment.

Eco-Friendly and non toxic green chemical applications

The fear of the professional pest control company spraying toxic and cancer causing agents around your loved ones is no more! The pesticide industry gained traction by offering organic and green products that are effective and safe for humans and pets. This means that you can rest assured that your pests are being eradicated without fear of harming your children.