5 Ways a Bed Bug Exterminator Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs in NYC

Bed bug infestation extermination service man in gloves and safety glasses inspecting infected mattress sheets and blanket bedding with a powerful flashlight preparing to exterminate the bugs.

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If you’re waking up in the morning with itchy red bites on your arms and legs, you may start to suspect that you have bed bugs. When you first suspect bed bugs, you should call an NYC bed bug exterminator so that they can rid your New York home of these pesky intruders. Once you explain the situation to the exterminator, the first thing that he or she is going to do is simply to inspect the home and make sure that you indeed have bed bugs. This step is important because if an exterminator just started treating without inspecting, there could be a different answer. Then you’re back at square one without any solutions.


Depending on the severity of the situation, your exterminator may use one of the following methods. 


The NYC Bed bug exterminator may determine that there isn’t a full infestation and, therefore, you wouldn’t need chemical treatments. He or she may just recommend washing or throwing out your sheets before you have an infestation.


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Surface Treatment and Deep Steam 

An exterminator may use a special high-efficiency vacuum cleaner to remove any loose bed bugs, shells, eggs, and droppings in the folds and corners of your beds. This special vacuum has a filter that makes sure that once something has been sucked in, it’s not getting out. This vacuum is run over the mattress, box spring, and bed frame to make sure that anything on the surface is removed. 


Once this vacuum has run over the surface, the next treatment is for the exterminator to go over the mattress, box spring, and bed frame with a steam cleaner to penetrate deeper and kill any remaining bugs or eggs. This method is used when there isn’t an extensive infestation and the homeowner has pets or young children in the home that could negatively react to some pesticides. 



An exterminator may use a pesticide that can be sprayed directly onto the bed to kill off the bed bugs and their eggs. This particular method isn’t ideal for those who have pets, young children, or elderly family members in the home as it can be harmful to them. However, if you do not have pets, young children, or elderly family members, then the exterminator can spray pesticide over the bed, box spring, and bed frame just as he did with the vacuum and steam cleaner. 



Don’t let the word insecticide scare you. Science has come a long way. Insecticides that many exterminators use these days aren’t the “bug bomb” treatments that you see on TV. These treatments are applied onto the bed and in any and all crevices that bed bugs may want to sneak into. This treatment will stop bugs from being able to live in those spaces. 


Heat Treatment

Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme heat. For more extensive or severe infestations, exterminators use heat treatment to kill off the bugs. For this treatment, the room is sealed off and any heat-sensitive items are removed to prevent a fire, as the room will be extremely hot. The intense heat will kill off not only the bed bugs but also any eggs that they have laid. This method is similar to the steam method in that it is safe for those with pets, young children, and elderly family members in their household. 


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