5 Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control in Brooklyn, NY

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In Brooklyn, NY, ordering pest control during the winter can give you the upper-hand for various reasons. Most important, it will give you peace of mind and reduce the likelihood of pests ruining your holidays, and it could keep them from becoming prevalent when the months get warmer. Depending upon the type of pests giving you trouble, there are several ways that Biotech Termite & Pest Control can keep them out of your home year-round.

Autumn Pests

When autumn comes to a close, that is the signal for pests such mice to go to the warmest spots—like your home—and prepare for winter. A pest control service can give you advice on how not to attract such pests and what to do if you spot them. To avoid the need for a professional extermination, it’s important to guard your house against these types of pests.

Destructive Insects

Destructive insects are a type pest that is commonly overlooked during the winter months. Unfortunately, termites do stay active year-round, but there are ways to prevent these pests from nesting in your house’s structure. Carpenter ants can become fully dormant in the winter if the temperature and shelter of your home is suitable. This means that once the weather warms up, you could have a hungry colony of carpenter ants that can be rather destructive. You could look into colony removal services in the winter so that they can be exterminated while they are dormant and before they can cause more damage when they become active again.

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Wintertime Attic Pests

Attics are one of the most common places pest go to hide during the winter. This is thanks to the warm climate created by the house below. Pests that are commonly seen in attics are mammal pests such as mice, opossums, and even raccoons, and you may want to have your attic inspected for any current residents before the winter begins. Once clear of any pests, you could have your attic sealed and pest-proofed to prevent any more unwanted guests settling in for the rest of the winter months.

Rodent Control

As mentioned above, attics are a safe haven for any unwanted rodents, but there are also other spots in your home that they could find attractive in the winter. With moisture being one of the few things that rodents need to survive, crawlspaces and basements are common places for water to be present. Before the winter months, you could have a pest control service take a quick walk around your home to make sure you’re all good to go before spring.

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Spider Webs and Nests

Spiders and other insects that create nests migrate indoors to find high temperatures to survive through the winter. Although these insects tend to go into dormancy during the winter months, it’s still very effective to keep an eye out during this time. Also, spiders could continue to stay active and create additional webs if there is a steady source of food. This means if you have any other types of pests such as flies, ants, or other types of insect spiders, they could motivate the spiders to move throughout the house and create more spider webs.