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The ideal summer destination of Manhattanites and people across the country, Suffolk County faces a variety of infestations. Contrary to popular belief, pests like bed bugs and other bugs are not typically caused by low-income areas of a lack of hygiene. Frequent world jet-setters are more likely to bring back these creatures in their suitcases and clothing than any other group. With the Hamptons and all it has to offer, Suffolk County is therefore prone to yearly arrivals of these persistent pests. No matter the time of year, our team is available at all times of the week to assist in diagnosing and treating a possible infestation as quickly and discreetly as possible.

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Like all NYC communities, the climate and city layout makes this area more prone to visitors such as roaches, bed bugs, ants and rodents. The warmer season creates moist conditions for pests to multiply and the cold winters send many bugs into basements for protection. With over 25 years in the industry, we can identify bugs or the signs they leave behind, catching each pest before it becomes an infestation.


How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Suffolk County, NY Home or Business and When To Call Bed Bug Exterminator Specialists

Serving the Long Island, NYC, Westchester and New Jersey area, we specialize in eco-friendly bed bug detection and concentrated, innovative treatment methods.

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how do I know if I've been bitten?:

  • Bed bug bites often appear in lines along the body, as each bed bug can bite several times in a role

  • Bed bug bites are notoriously itchy and tend to slightly swell

  • You may not feel the bite occurring as you would with a mosquito


where can I find bed bugs in my home?:

  • Check the seams of mattresses for hidden, flat-bodied brown bugs

  • Bed bugs often leave spots or trails of blood after biting

  • They can hide and lay eggs in the crevices of furniture, even hard surfaces


Call our team the moment any of these signs appear in your home, especially after traveling. Treating bed bugs alone can be unsafe and inefficient, allowing them to spread further throughout your home. We're here to guide the process until beg bugs are gone for good.


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For nearly three decades, we've worked one-on-one with customers in the NYC and Suffolk County region to rid homes of pests, from early detection to up to a year of diligent observation. If any pests return during this one-year period, our team will return without charge, as many times as it takes, to ensure a pest-free space.

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Safe and Efficient Suffolk County Pest Control

Keeping our customers safe and comfortable is our top priority. We use modern, eco-conscious methods for eradicating pests. Our dog-sniffing bed bug team helps us hone in on a specific concentration of bed bugs. Our system of IPM, Integrated Pest Management, approaches each home with an expert level of efficiency and customized methods.


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Biotech is the leading bed bug exterminator that offers residential and commercial pest control in Suffolk County NY, including termite extermination


Expert Bed Bug Treatment, Termite Extermination, and Pest Control Services with Guaranteed Results. Biotech offers the best bed bug warranty in the NYC area and New Jersey.

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Our Dogs are 96%-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius of their location. Perfect for use in large apartments and homes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more.

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