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As recent as 2016, scientists and residents saw quite the surge of a variety of bugs throughout Staten Island, especially the South Shore. Changes in the climate of the area and local waters have made this a prime breeding ground for an uptick in bug life. Additionally, bed bugs have made their way to the small island, surging in the past decade between home, apartments and businesses. Though lower than other boroughs, handling bed bugs is still a common fear of many Staten Island residents. Biotech has served the Staten Island and surrounding regions for nearly 30 years, quickly and efficiently working with each client for safe pest and rodent management.


Quick and Efficient Staten Island Residential and Commercial Pest Control

As a family-run business, we place as much focus on keeping pest management stress-free as it is efficient. With an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau, our dedication to training, innovative pest-control methods and one-on-one customer communication put us above the rest. No matter the time of day or day of the week, our customer call line is available to speak about any of your pest concerns.


Bed Bug Exterminator in Staten Island, NY

Between prevention and knowing the warnign signs, it's easy to keep your home and business pest-free no matter the season.


signs of bed bugs in your home:

  • Experiencing sudden and itchy lines of bug bites
  • Markings or spots on your mattress or rugs, especially in the seams
  • Spotting brown or red bugs around the house after traveling


signs of termites or cockroaches:

  • Eggs of nests collected into corners or crevices on the home
  • Sounds of burrowing or scratching
  • Termites are known for their shelter tunnels along walls and pipes
  • Tracking of feces or skin from cockroaches
  • Spotting either pest: termites have small white bodies while cockroaches are often brown and up to 5/8 of an inch


Whether you spot these three common pests or aware of similar unwelcomed visitors such as carpenter ants, bees or rodents, set up a free consultation with our experts today.



Using Dogs for Bed Bug Inspections

With up to a 98% success rate, our highly trained K-9 team is the first defense against bed bugs. This non-invasive route means that we can treat specific areas of the home, cutting down on the disruption of your time and home.


Warranty-protected pest control in Staten Island, NY

Above all, we know that pests can be persistent. For up to a year, we guarantee that our team will return without additional charge in the event of your pests returning. This ensures that our initial treatment and inspection was thorough enough to meet our high standards of care and to leave you with complete peace of mind.


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You guys were great ... Thank you for a safe, green, and effective solution to our termite problem.
— Joseph G, Astoria, New York

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Expert Bed Bug Treatment, Termite Extermination, and Pest Control Services with Guaranteed Results. Biotech offers the best bed bug warranty in the NYC area and New Jersey.

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Our Dogs are 96%-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius of their location. Perfect for use in large apartments and homes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more.

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