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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Queens NY


Queens is quickly becoming a hotspot for young artists and families, building up hip neighborhoods along the river and even extending out into the eastern areas of the borough. With a greater population of travelers, residents and tourists, more and more reports of bed bugs and pests pop up as well. Bed bugs we even reported in local schools during recent years, jumping past the traditional home they typically find in apartment buildings. Biotech has been devoted to the NYC area for nearly 30 years, working one-on-one with each client to help control a range of pests with safety and customer care. Our personalized approach aims to provide innovative and non-invasive protection from pests of all kinds.

Effective commercial pest control in Queens, NY and mosquito control in Queens NY

Quick and Efficient Queens Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Queens, NY

All pest problems need to be handled swiftly and with an expert eye. At the first sign of pest problems, contact one of our team members through our 24-hour line to discuss your options and strategies. We offer free consultations to ensure you make the best choice for your Queens home or business. Most importantly, our white-glove approach handles every item in your home with care, thoroughly inspecting any affected item with a 72-hour turnaround period. 


Bed Bug Exterminator Queens NY

Even the mention of bed bugs make most New Yorkers panic. Without proper prevention while traveling or buying furniture, it's quite common to bring these persistent bugs home. 

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how do I know i have bed bugs?:

  • Sighting of small, brown bugs on your mattress, clothing or in corners of furniture

  • Itchy bites, often in a line, throughout your body

  • Spots or trails from bed bugs in the creases on your mattress


what should i do if I find suspect bed bugs in my home?:

  • Sequester any piles of clothing or clutter where they may have hidden

  • Call Biotech for a free consultation immediately, it is unsafe to try and treat bed bugs on your own

  • Report bed bugs to your landlord if you rent


Above all, remember that bed bugs are common and hard to avoid even with preventative measures. With our quick and thorough approach to eradicating bed bugs for good, there's no need to make any bold actions when you first detect their arrival.



Mosquito Control Queens NY

When most people think of summer, they imagine perfect sunshine, cocktails near the pool and lots of time outdoors. Add swollen eyelids and itchy skin to the picture, and we’re back to reality. Summer fun makes this season a favorite for most people. So it can be quite frustrating when your days are spoiled because of stings and bites. This can be especially concerning for households with small children and people who are severely allergic. Read More


Our One-Year Warranty For Pest Control in Queens, NY

The best warranty in the region, we offer up to a year of coverage for pests in the event of a resurgence. We understand that pests can nest and hide in places initially impossible to sense at first, necessitating more than one home treatment. Free of charge, we will return as many times as it takes within the year to confirm your home is pest-free.

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You guys were great ... Thank you for a safe, green, and effective solution to our termite problem.
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The Biotech Promise for Queens Customers

Biotech is the leading bed bug exterminator that offers residential and commercial pest control in Queens, NY, including termite extermination


Expert Bed Bug Treatment, Termite Extermination, and Pest Control Services with Guaranteed Results. Biotech offers the best bed bug warranty in the NYC area and New Jersey.

Bed bug exterminator and termite extermination in Queens, NY


Our Dogs are 96%-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius of their location. Perfect for use in large apartments and homes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more.

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Pests, Bed Bugs, and Termites can't tell time. That's why the Biotech call center is open 24/7. Call us at (800) 327-0950.