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Bugs and Rodents in the Bronx

Steeped in history and culture, the Bronx is both the home of the Yankees as well as countless gardens and museums. Densely populated neighborhoods range from the urban South Bronx to the hills of Riverdale. NYC and all its surrounding boroughs remain in the top ten cities in the country battling bed bug infestations. Tenants and business owners also face the common termite, which threatens the structure and safety of older homes. Larger rodents and commons ants and bees are also common. At Biotech, we understand the local patterns of each area, and treat each case with a customized and client-focused approach.

Effective commercial pest control Bronx NY

Quick and Efficient Residential and Commercial Pest Control Bronx NY

Our family-run business has guided customers throughout the NY and NJ region since 1991. We specialize in approaching each bug or rodent infestation with our customers at the forefront of our process. Eco-conscious and low-toxicity chemicals treat infestations with efficiency and a care. With an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, we pride ourselves in being a trusted source for customer service and warranty-backed extermination.


How do I know if when to look for a bed bug exterminator in Bronx, NY?

From bed bugs to termites, recognizing the early signs of a pest problem both protects your home investment and your family's health.

Top quality bed bug exterminator in Bronx NY


Signs of bed bugs:

  • Sudden red bites, often in lines, that itch and swell

  • Small, brown, oval-shaped bugs in the seams of mattress or suitcases

  • Small trails or spots of blood where bed bugs have been


signs of termites:

  • Termites often live in colonies, so spotting a swarm of small, white-bodied bugs is a sign of infestation

  • You may spot their shelter tubes, brown lines built by the termites for protection while traveling

  • Tapping sounds in the wood of your home could be signs of termite excavation


signs of roaches:

  • Roaches are most commonly seen at night, after quickly switching on a light

  • Finding droppings the size of coffee grounds

  • Spotting cases and bunches of brown eggs


Bed Bug Exterminator Bronx NY

Biotech is dedicated to fully eradicating bed bugs from your home or business long before they get out of control. Our team of K-9 bed bug specialists literally sniff out pockets of bed bugs, narrowing the area we need to treat. For up to a year after initial treatment, we will return free of charge to guarantee bed bugs do not return. Contact the Biotech team at any signs of bed bugs for a free consultation.

Exterminator Bronx NY: effective terminte extermination in Bronx, NY

Stress-Free Extermination Services in Bronx, NY

All throughout the Bronx, we approach each client with the goal of supplying peace of mind. No pest problem should control your daily life, and we understand the importance of speed and efficiency in caring for your home and safety. Our licensed and highly trained team cares deeply for returning your space to its original condition with minimal disruption. The Biotech Guaranteed Checklist acts as our guide to ensuring our clients that they're in good hands.


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Benefits of Biotech Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Bronx, NY

Biotech is the leading bed bug exterminator that offers residential and commercial pest control in Bronx NY, including termite extermination


Expert Bed Bug Treatment, Termite Extermination, and Pest Control Services with Guaranteed Results. Biotech offers the best bed bug warranty in the NYC area and New Jersey.

Bed bug exterminator and termite extermination in Bronx NY


Our Dogs are 96%-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius of their location. Perfect for use in large apartments and homes, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more.

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Pests, Bed Bugs, and Termites can't tell time. That's why the Biotech call center is open 24/7. Call us at (800) 327-0950.