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Why You Should Sign Up for Our Bed Bug Exterminator and Preparation Services

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The decision over which bed bug exterminator to use is the only thing preventing you from ridding your Suffolk County, NY, property from its pest problem once and for all. Whether you own a residence or a commercial property, the decision will be made easier once you review the reasons why you should sign up for our bed bug exterminator and preparation services:

Prep First

Before extermination can commence, preparation is necessary. At Biotech Termite & Pest Control, we make sure that prepping for bed bug extermination is seamless. Other bed bug exterminator options may expect you to pack up everything yourself and want you to stay away for a long time, but we pack up and bag items for you. And we unpack them, too. You’ll have your items and property back—completely bed bug free—within 72 hours. Sounds too good to be true? Years of experience and knowledge provide us with proven preparation and treatment methods—we can effectively treat your space without you having to empty your closets.

Your clothing and other items will benefit greatly from our white-gloves preparation services, and with our trained professionals ready to answer your every query, you’ll be able to sleep easy in no time.

Trained Canines for Detection

If you’ve never heard of this method, it might seem surprising, but trained bed bug detection dogs are pros at sniffing out and pinpointing bed bug infestations. By using bed bug detection dogs, there is less chance of overusing chemicals to exterminate the bugs. That’s because with a lock on the infested location, the only job left is treatment. This means, if the infestation is fairly isolated, there’s no need to “drown” your home in pesticides to get the job done.

Bed bug detection dogs don’t only sniff out adult bed bugs either. In fact, they can find them in all forms including nymphs and eggs. Detection methods are up to 98% accurate, making them a safe, quick, and effective method of bed bug detection. As our professionals get to work with expert bed bug detection dogs in the lead, you can bet that even the smallest cracks in floors or furniture won’t go unnoticed. What’s this mean for your Suffolk County, NY, property? Bed bugs are on their way to being gone.

Steaming for Extermination

At Biotech Pest & Termite Control, we use eco-friendly and safe extermination methods. Your bed bug infestation doesn’t need to be an ongoing burden that takes months or even years to overcome. With the use of powerful steam machines, bed bugs in all stages of life stand no chance. Industrial-strength steam doesn’t spread bed bugs as it kills, and non-repellant chemicals keep family and pets safe from the effects.

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Guaranteed Success Story

Choosing our company and team means that you have a guaranteed bed bug free success story in your future. Our expert preparation and extermination methods have stood the test of time—we’re so determined you’ll discover the same that our one-year warranty backs it up. Choose us for top bed bug preparation, detection, and extermination services.

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