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Which Pest Control Methods Are Best for Eradicating Rodents in New Jersey?

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Eradicating rodents isn’t a one and done process. In fact, true pest control experts will educate you on the importance of preventative and maintenance measures to ensure that any rodent population is kept at bay. After all, whatever is attracting the rodents and allowing them access to set up residency is only going to continue to do so.The rodent population is much, much larger than what is living within your walls. The best pest control methods for eradicating rodents in New Jersey is proper prevention, routine and thorough inspections, and adequate maintenance.

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Preventative measures are important for keeping rodent inhabitants away, or at a minimum, keeping them easily manageable. Prevention is key to eradicating rodents.

The Initial Inspection

This will include a process of techniques to locate pests. A thorough inspection of the structure and property will need to be conducted. It is at this point that you are looking for any possible entry points and rodent activity, as well as food and water sources.

Entry Points

Eliminating rodent entry points is crucial to the entire process of eradicating rodents. Once an entry point is located, it must be repaired or sealed off to keep any other rodents from gaining access. This can sometimes include removing overhanging branches; checking basement areas, crawl spaces, and attics; as well as, clearing any debris around the outside of a dwelling that may provide a safe haven for rodents.

Removing the Necessities

Rodents, like all forms of life, need the essentials to survive. This means that leaving food and water sources available to them, as well as offering warmth from the frigid temperatures, is going to create a “personal invitation” for rodents to stay. During the inspection, you should be looking for areas of standing water from leaky pipes, pooling drains, or pet dishes. Next, consider where rodents are finding food. This could include pet bowls, open food containers, and access into pantries and dry food storage areas.


Although sanitizing and keeping a clean area is not going to get rid of existing rodents, per se, it will prevent further penetration and help keep the existing colony from increasing until additional methods can be taken. Food droppings and unsanitary conditions attract rodents. To help keep this from occurring, keep areas free from food crumbs and spills. It is also critical to clean thoroughly.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once a rodent issue is seemingly handled, the eradicating process doesn’t necessarily end there. It is imperative that proper monitoring and maintenance be put in place. This could mean monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections, and/or treatments to stay a step ahead of the problem. Adequate maintenance will save time and money in the future.

Expert Methods

If an infestation is present, a professional pest control can help. They have methods available to get rid of the existing problem. The right experts will be able to use their training, experience and knowledge to locate those entry points that go unnoticed with an untrained eye, and they can track the rodent activity back to their colonies. They can get to the root of the problem.

There are several expert techniques that could be considered, depending on the unique situation and surrounding environment. Sealing off entry points, using environmental- and people-safe products, traps, and bait stations are some of the methods you can expect from an expert. Most importantly, 24-7 access to help, backed by a 100% guarantee will give you the peace of mind knowing that your family and guests will be safe from harmful rodents.  

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