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What to Expect from Termite Extermination in Nassau County, NY

Termite Inspections in a home

Termites are an unfortunate reality for property owners and residents in Nassau County, NY, and all over the world. No home or business is immune to this flying and subterranean insect. Termite infestations pose a problem that is more than just a nuisance. Ignoring a termite infestation for too long can be disastrous for the wooden structures in a property. They can create damage to the framework of a property that is expensive to repair. If you suspect that wood munching insects may have infested your property, business or home, and you want to know what to expect in an extermination, read on and see just how simple eradicating your termite problem can be. 


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The Advanced Termite Bait System

Unlike invasive chemical treatment and tenting, the Advanced Termite Bait System (ATBS) makes termite control and eradication a breeze. Many businesses may delay or ignore a termite problem simply because of the stigma that tenting can bring, as well as the down time that it will require to rid the property of pests. But with ATBS, you will not have to worry about damage to your property, as there is no drilling to your foundation required and there is no disruption to your landscaping. With ATBS termite removal, you will be back in business before you know it. 


Another aspect of insect control that many residents and property owners are concerned about is safety. With the ATBS system, you can rest assured that the process is eco-friendly and safe for pets and children. With this system, the baits are securely locked, meaning that only termites can access the bait, so you don’t have to worry about your pets or children finding the baits around the perimeter of your home. 


How It Works

The ATBS termite extermination process is superior to chemical termite extermination in many ways. Since these baits are only installed on the outside of your home or property, you don’t have to worry about preparing the inside of your home or vacate your property find a place to keep pets safe during tenting. Designed to exterminate the entire colony, unlike chemical treatments, the bait system will ensure that every last termite is eradicated from your property. 


These bait systems work around the clock, 24/7 without disrupting you, your business or your family until every last termite is dead and gone. Certified termite control technicians in Nassau County can then monitor the traps to ensure that they are working, and they will indicate when termites are no longer a threat to your home. 


If you suspect that termites have taken to the wooden structures in and around your home, call your trusted termite exterminator in Nassau County for the latest in termite removal. You’ll receive a thorough inspection, followed by fast and friendly termite control that’s safe for the whole family. It’s 100% guaranteed. When it comes to making sure termites don’t take over your home, let the Advanced Termite Bait System be your first line of defense. 


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