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How Residential Exterminators Keep Your New Jersey Home Pest Free

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Nobody wants a home that’s overrun with rodents or insects. If you’re wondering what it really takes to keep your home from being overrun, here’s how an exterminator will keep your New Jersey home pest free.

It’s Not Necessarily About Cleanliness

Many people believe that cleanliness is the answer to keeping their homes pest free. While it can certainly help, cleanliness does not deter persistent pests. Rodents and insects are irresistibly drawn to the kitchen, for obvious reasons. A messy kitchen with food bits on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, and open bags of food on the counters will attract pests. However, even the most fastidiously clean kitchen is not immune to infestations. Your exterminator will identify and seal any possible areas of entry, especially from damp basements or from crawl spaces, attics, cracks between doors and thresholds, or any gaps in screens.

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If You Spot One Pest, Another Is Probably Nearby

If you see one ant, one bed bug, one termite, or one mouse…you can be sure its friends and family are not far away. Unfortunately, little unwanted guests like bed bugs can come home with you from vacation. Fleas can come in on the backs of friends’ pets. You won’t know whether you have a tiny group of invaders or an infestation until you call in the experts. An exterminator can determine whether you have a big problem and rid your home of it.

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What Can You Do?

When you suspect you may have a problem, no matter how small, it’s best to contact a reputable pest control service to get the job done right. Not only can exterminators apply the correct treatment to the right places at the right time, they will also educate you on what to do once the treatment has been applied—so that it doesn’t happen again.

While your exterminator can successfully rid your home of existing pests and take measures to prevent future infestations, pest control is an ongoing process. Rodents and insects will continue to breed, so working with a pest management professional will help you keep your home pest free. You can get on a regular inspection schedule to give yourself peace of mind.

As for treatment, know that your safety is paramount. Reputable pest control companies use products that are as safe as possible to ensure your health as well as that of your pets. If you’re concerned about the pest control substances used, be sure to ask what’s involved with your exterminator’s extermination methods.

You’ll also want to alert the exterminator to any entry points that may need to be sealed. The exterminator will also examine the area surrounding your home for any nests, moist and warm areas that encourage breeding, or sources of food that are attracting pests.

Once a thorough inspection has been conducted, your exterminator will recommend steps to remedy the problem, which includes addressing the current infestation as well as preventive care once the infestation has been managed.

Ultimately, pest exterminators do much more than kill bugs or rodents. They manage pest problems in a way that keeps them out of your homes, keeps your family and your pets safe,  and protects the environment.

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