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How Bed Bug Dogs Can Help Solve Your NYC Bed Bug Problem

Living with bed bugs is unbearable, even for a second. Almost worse than living with bed bugs is suspecting you have a bed bug problem but you’re not sure if you do. For a reliable method of detection, a bed bug detecting dog is an effective way to see if your suspicions are correct and put a quick end to your problem. Canines are now being used to detect the presence of bed bugs and for good reason. Think about it; dogs have been used for years to detect drugs and bombs, track lost children, and sniff out food for families. So why not use their noses for sniffing out bed bugs? Here is some information on how bed bug dogs can help solve your NYC bed bug problem. And what’s more, they do it with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

The Accuracy of Bed Bug Dogs

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A properly trained bed bug canine is highly accurate. A dog’s nose is 40 times greater than that of a human nose at detecting scents. In fact, a bed bug dog’s detection is 96% to 98% accurate. This is because each bed bug detection dog is required to undergo hundreds of hours of training. Additionally, these dogs may go through continual training throughout their careers to maintain their efficacy. 

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Detection by the Nose

Canines are capable of detecting both live bugs and live eggs. Since a bed bug is the size of a piece of rice when fully grown, and they can be lurking just about anywhere, they can often go undetected until they have completely infested your space. Having a bed bug dog for your inspection ensures that you have a better chance of detecting all of the places where the bed bugs are hiding out—especially those areas that are not visible to the human eye. A bed bug dog can also detect just a single bug. That would be nearly impossible for a visual inspection by a human. Early detection is proven to save time and money—you want to avoid a bed bug infestation.  

What to Expect at Inspection Time

A dog can cover a property at a much faster rate than a person can. A bed bug detecting canine can cover large properties in a short amount of the time. This is because they can detect the scent of bed bugs even through mattresses, walls, and furniture, allowing them to move quickly throughout an area with ease and without restriction.

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Effective Treatment Plan

Today’s bed bugs are known for being resistant to the traditional chemicals that have been used to eradicate them. This has led to a cycle of ineffective treatments and ongoing infestations—an effect that can be unhealthy and expensive. Oftentimes, homeowners and commercial property owners alike will have areas treated and believe that they have gotten rid of the problem, only to have another infestation occur a short time down the road. This is largely because a live bug or live egg was left behind. The most effective and modern treatments are safe for your family, and use a combination of steam and HEPA vacuum to rid your life of bed bugs once and for all.

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