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How an Exterminator Suggests You Keep Your Home Free of Pests in Spring in New Jersey

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With spring just around the corner, it’s nice to dream about packing away heavy winter clothes and opening the windows to let the fresh air in! However, spring is also the time when insects wake up and emerge from their winter hiding places. Hungry termites, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and wasps may be too close for comfort. To keep pests at bay, here’s how a pest exterminator in New Jersey suggests you keep your home free of pests in spring in New Jersey.


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Insects love food just as much as you do. In fact, kitchens are a magnet for pests like cockroaches and ants. To discourage them, keep dry food (including pet food) in sealed plastic containers; avoid leaving any food on the counter, sink, or in pet bowls; empty trash cans; and minimize clutter on countertops (where insects can easily hide during the day). Regularly wash the kitchen floor, and sweep or vacuum daily to minimize crumbs.


Living Room

Don’t invite insects to the party! Keep your living room pest-free by vacuuming regularly and keeping furniture away from the walls. Also, avoid eating on the couch.



Nobody wants to think about insects in their bedrooms, so the best way to keep them uninterested is to pull furniture away from walls to minimize hiding spaces; frequently check beds, mattresses, and bed frames for any signs of bed bugs; vacuum regularly; avoid eating in bed; install screens on bedroom windows; and seal any cracks in walls, along baseboards, and floors.


Garages and Basements

Rodents, ants, termites, and wasps often find their way into garages and basements – and eventually, into the home itself. Repair damaged screens and seal any potential points of entry, such as cracks or gaps around plumbing. Keep the area as dry as possible using a dehumidifier, if necessary. Store all items, especially pet food or clothing, in sealed plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Keep trash bins covered with tightly fitting lids and take the trash out regularly.


Roofs and Attics

Termites and wasps often make their homes under the eaves or in attics. Check often for signs of nesting activity and call us right away if you find an active nest. Ensure that any points of entry are sealed, especially the overhang of the roof. In the attic, store all items in sealed plastic bins with tightly fitting lids.


Air Vents

Inspect air vents often, as they can become insect superhighways. Install mesh vent covers.


Windows and Doors

Ensure that your screens don’t have any holes in them, and that they fit tightly on their frames.  



Any insects present in your garden can make their way into your home. Remove standing water that becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you compost, keep it in a bin with a tightly fitting lid. Make sure that any firewood is stacked at least 20 feet from the home. Prune back shrubs from the foundation to keep the area dry (rotting wood attracts carpenter ants and termites).


Unfortunately, even the cleanest, most minimalist home isn’t 100% immune to pests. If you see one insect, you can assume that others are nearby. Be especially vigilant about this when it comes to ants, cockroaches, wasps, or termites. Don’t wait until you see many, because by then, the infestation is in full swing.


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