Exterminators’ Tips for Keeping Your Home Clear of Roaches in Staten Island, NY

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Roaches… No one likes them or wants to see them around their home. While there are a number of different pests to shield your Staten Island, NY, home from, roaches are one of the most common and often the hardest to control. Check out these easy tips that exterminators recommend for helping to keep your home clear of roaches. Make this common pest one less worry on your list. 

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Keep Food Properly Sealed

Leaving food on the counter or open packages in the cupboard is an invitation for cockroaches to come in for a buffet. Bowls of nuts on coffee tables, open jars of candy, and even your pets food bowl on the floor are all up for grabs if cockroaches are present. Before you leave the house or go to bed for the night, be sure to remove your pet’s food bowl and properly seal up your food to keep these pests at bay. 

Keep Surfaces and Dishes Clean

While you’re making sure your food is properly put away, be sure to wipe down surfaces after you eat. Cookie crumbs and leftover bits of food on a table or countertop are just as enticing to roaches as an open container of food, so be sure to wipe up after every meal. The same goes for that stack of dishes in the sink; don’t leave pots and pans crusted with bits of leftover food to wait for the next day. After the lights go out, roaches will be sure to help themselves to your dirty dishes too. 

Get Rid of Clutter and Trash

You may have forgotten about that pizza box with leftover crust under your bed, but the roaches certainly haven’t. While being a little messy and cluttered is a normal part of life, roaches and other pests live for spaces that are piled high with garbage and too many things. Stacks of books, piles of laundry, and overflowing garbage cans are favorite places for roaches to hide. So manage your garbage and clutter if you don’t want roaches moving in. Don’t forget to remove cardboard packaging from your home as well, since cockroaches notoriously like to hide in them and move from one place to the next. 

Seal Up the Cracks

Are there areas around your home that could be better sealed up? What about that leak in the kitchen you forgot about? Yep, these easy home maintenance fixes are also excellent ways to deter roach infestations too. Roaches look for water sources, such as leaky pipes, and can get into your home through cracks in the soffits, around windows, and under doors. Seal up your space and fix any known leaks and cracks to help keep your home roach-free. 

Call in a Pro

Even the cleanest, most buttoned-up home can still experience a roach infestation that’s hard to control. When you’ve done your best and still see signs of these little intruders, it’s time to call in the professionals. They’ll have the tools and resources to make your roach infestation problem a thing of the past! 

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