Everything You Need to Know about Flea Control in Brooklyn, NY

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The presence of fleas in your home or yard is dangerous to your health as these parasites can spread a number of diseases from animals to humans. They’re also unsightly and create annoying bite marks that itch terribly. Follow the following expert advice to prevent an infestation of fleas in your Brooklyn, NY, home or yard. 

The life cycle of a flea

Understanding the basic physiology of fleas can be important in the control of their population. Fleas move through four stages of development, namely: an egg, larva, pupa and adult. Their life cycle can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the environmental conditions. Most fleas in a particular population are still in the form of an egg or larva, while only 2% are adults. In a particular home or yard, the immobile eggs and larvae can generally be found where the pets sleep. Adult fleas can survive, unfed, for many weeks but can’t withstand sub-freezing temperatures. Therefore, flea management is generally focussed at preventing immature fleas from maturing into adults, and preventing the infiltration of fleas into the home.

Flea control in the home

Flea control in the home entails preventing immature forms from maturing, mechanically removing fleas in various stages of life and killing any remaining adults. A thorough inspection of your property by a professional can help to identify areas of concern. A professional steam clean can help to kill eggs without spreading them.

Various carpet powders, foggers and sprays kill adult fleas and stun the development of eggs and larvae. Foggers are particularly effective in large open areas, while surface sprays can reach obscure corners, cracks and the spaces beneath furniture. Let these proactive measures be taken by a professional who understands these chemicals and their application.

A pet’s bed should be washed weekly and can be treated with an appropriate insecticide. Other places that are frequently visited by your pet, like you car or garage, should also be cleaned thoroughly, and at regular intervals. Talk to a Biotech Termite & Pest Control consultant about the best course of action. 

Flea control in the yard

Fleas gravitate towards areas that are moist, warm, shady, and full of organic debris. Spaces like these, as well as the kennel, should be treated with our outdoor sprays. Areas where your pets spend more time, such as the patio, will also be paid special attention. 

Biotech Termite & Pest Control stresses a people-safe approach and can offer advice on how to keep pests away once they have been eradicated.

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Flea control on your pet

Various products can be used to target any fleas that may have taken hold of your beloved pet. If you’ve had a flea problem, a single use of a product may not eradicate all the fleas, as some immature forms can continue developing. Persistence is, therefore, a key aspect of effective flea control. Topical insecticides can be applied to a small area on your pet’s back once a month. Sprays, shampoos and dips can be used more regularly to kill the fleas on your pet.